Products to reduce fatigue

Several products help reduce shift work fatigue, such as light boxes, sleep masks, sunglasses, and curtains. They can be purchased online or from your local pharmacy. Get a custom fatigue-reduction plan to see which ones may be helpful for your work schedule.

Portable light boxes

Light boxes shine bright light which can help to reduce fatigue. Our studies tested the effects of evening light, with participants using light boxes between 17:00 and 22:00. Choose a light box that is very bright (10,000 or more lux); dimmer light is less effective at shifting the body clock. These light boxes are also used to treat seasonal affective disorder.

Sleep masks

Sleep masks, also called eye masks, block out light while sleeping. Choose a comfortable one that you cannot see through. Sleep masks are all similar; even inexpensive ones can be effective.

Dark sunglasses

Avoiding light in the morning after a night shift can improve sleep quality. Dark UV-blocking sunglasses can be worn while returning home after the shift, for example if walking or taking transit. Avoid wearing dark sunglasses if driving home after work and feeling drowsy.

Black-out curtains or blinds

Keeping the sleep environment as dark as possible can improve sleep quality, especially if you are not wearing a sleep mask.